Why your Marketing Efforts Fail and how to Transform your Practice to Dominate

We already tried online marketing and advertising. It didn’t work. I actually hear this quite a bit from doctors who are either frustrated from ignorance or resistant to change. Why do marketing efforts fail If you really have spent time and money trying to generate leads with online marketing and your efforts haven’t worked? Learn how to transform your practice to dominate.


I can guarantee you the problem is one of the following culprits:

  • Either you don’t have a clear message with an attractive offer.
  • You aren’t targeting the market (the segmented lists of your ideal patient) with your message.
  • You are using the wrong medium or using the right medium improperly.

We know the Internet is not broken. And according to a stat published on SmartInsights.com, 1.9 billion people will access the Internet using a mobile device this year, so the market is there. The problem then has to be in your execution. One of the most common reasons why marketing efforts fail is because new marketers refuse to develop the patience to observe their market. They want to create whatever they have the urge to create then blindly deem it worth  your attention just because they created it. They want to interrupt conversations already in progress on social media with “look at me!” ads. No one wants to be around a guy like that – online or offline. Are you expecting total strangers to quickly convert to loyal patients? Why should they? What do they gain by listening to your sales pitch? Why would they choose you over another orthodontist that perhaps a friend can recommend?

Avoid Overly General Information-Sharing to Engage more Patients

In the minds of your newest potential patients, there is very little to distinguish your dental practice from the one across town, or around the corner. Your discount is not interesting! It’s not valuable to them. You can’t really consider it helpful information. It’s not even news. That’s how people treat your content when you post statuses about discounts, sales and company news that only you care about. They may pause for a moment, but general information is not engagement, so they keep browsing the web. Lack of real engagement is not relationship-building. Weak relationships may be why your marketing efforts have been unsuccessful.

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Before you begin your marketing efforts you need to:

  • Specialise & Build Strong Relationships with Patients

You cannot be the best at everything. General marketing does not work. Decide right from the start what you are going to be the best at and who is your targeted market.

  • Be Consistent with your Message to Gradually Transform your Practice

Now that you have decided what you are the best at, make sure all your marketing delivers this message. This should be right across the board. Not only your online marketing but in your practice itself.

  • Get Help and Gain more Freedom – You cannot do this all on your own. How can you? You need a marketing and sales system in place. Once set up, the system will send the right message to the right people. You messages will be specialised, and you will be seen as the expert. Plus, your marketing will be consistent. If you are thinking:

“How can I and my practice team manage all of this?”

I must tell you that many practices are now hiring a ‘virtual team’ to handle areas of marketing for them.

It’s time to transform your marketing efforts and get an A+. Now you have a remarkably unique opportunity to dominate and become the expert in your industry.

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