Why build a high growth orthodontic practice?


Ultimately, most people want more free time. They want time to enjoy life, spend time with their family, with their friends and to travel.  We work to be able to provide and enjoy life’s experiences. The other reason we work is for more profit. And, with more profit, we can reinvest to get better services to our patients. We can pay our team members more, so they too have better lives. We could also donate to our favorite charities, and make sure we can look after our family’s as well as possible. With profit, all opportunities are open to you.

Fundamentally, this leads to a more satisfying life. Once you can live life as you want, where you feel you’re doing your best work, you’re able to deliver the best clinical dentistry possible for people who appreciate it, you’re going to feel so much happier. When you’re in this flow, it just means that good things will come to you.

An extra ten people per month could transform your practice.

I know we’re not all in London but, for one moment, imagine you are. In London there are 8.6 million people.  

Dental Competition in London

Now think about it. All the things that we talked about before could be yours, if you actually found ten more people per month, the right ten people. Is this achievable? It’s hugely feasible because you have tools and resources available to you now, which were never available before. We will go through how you can do this. Just focus on the ten people per month; the 120 patients every year who can make the all the difference to you.

Number of Patients & Value.

Here, we’re talking about two things:

  • Focusing on maximising the number of brace patients
  • Focusing on maximising the value per brace patient

Now, it’s a critical statement, ‘value per brace patient,’ because ultimately we get paid in exchange for value. If we’re delivering excellent clinical services to people that really appreciate it, and if, for example, we can offer to do it discreetly, by fitting a brace behind the teeth, or we’re able to do it quicker, it’s more valuable to the patient.  They are happy to pay more and you’re able to deliver more value per patient.

Important Note.

We are not talking about not doing clinical treatments that are not required or treating people that shouldn’t have treatments or charging more for something which is not good value. That goes without saying. Let’s just focus on saying that we only treat people that we need to treat, who require the work, and the way we’re treating our patients is to be as valuable as possible. If you’re able to serve more people in a way that, for example, they really value, like braces behind the teeth, or invisible braces, or Invisalign, or straight teeth, meeting a particular deadline, then your patients are going to be really happy.

An extra ten brace patients per month at £3,000 is £30,000 per month, or £360,000 a year. That is huge. This has the potential to double your practice growth much, much more, and achieve your aim by giving you all the opportunities and possibilities you want.

Your Dental Practice.

We need to think about our dental practice as a business. Dentistry is a profession, of course, but the practice itself is a business. The business has costs. You have to pay staff. You have to pay overheads. You have to pay team members. You have to pay rent. All of these things are costs. As a business, you’re trying to make sure you can generate as much value for the customers and patients, but at the same time create as much value for your team and yourself. Business is where you make investments in time and money to create happy customers and patients, to generate income to support your family, your team and live your life. It’s all about making the right investments, and this is key. You are investing.

Orthodontic Return on investment.

3DayPractice.Return on InvestmentIn other fields, a high return investment for property, shares and other items could be 10%. Property is a good investment, and if you put £3,000 into your property, savings plan or other venture, it may generate £3,300. You’ve made an extra £300 pounds from investing your money. This is good, but it’s not going to make a dramatic difference. Now, in your business, in your practice, with the right systems in place,  you can invest the equivalent of just one brace. Consider, if you invest the one brace per month, say £3,000, you can get the equivalent of five braces in return; £15,000. Do you know of any other investment that can generate an additional £12,000 in an appropriate and legal way? There aren’t many investments that can do this and, of course, you have to have many things in place. The point we are making is once you’ve have your systems in place, the best place to invest your money is your own practice.

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