What Does a Totally Automated Practice Look Like?

What is common among many people running a business is that they try to do everything on their own. At first, it may seem like a doable task, but somewhere along the line, you realise that it just won’t work for you. This is where automation steps in and allows you to Get Found, communicate, educate, create relationships and convert treatment plans Automatically, 24/7/365. How?

See how it’s done…

Here are the 4 steps to a totally automated practice:

Step #1: Get found automatically 24/7/365 with your advertising engine

Google AdWords, Banner Adverts, & Facebook Ads
Based on the words someone is searching for to buy or when looking for more information, you have adverts for the different services you provide, such as implants, braces, general dentistry, and sedation, offering a free guide / education / consultation.

YouTube Adverts
Again, based on the keywords used by people searching to buy, you have videos & adverts for the various services offered by your practice (e.g. braces, implants, general dentistry, sedation, etc.), offering a free guide/education/consultation.
Also, depending on the services you provide, there are videos and adverts offering a free guide or education.

Local Directories & Listings
You are provided with educational listings entirely filled with content, photos, and videos, offering CTA to get a guide / consult / more info.

Content Marketing
This involves articles, videos, infographics, guides, and systematically answering all the questions someone could ask about the service you want to promote. You’ve got all the questions and responses required to show up in various searches.

Step #2: Capture leads & educate 24/7/365 with your marketing engine

Someone Visits Your Website
You have a particular landing page that they come to from their advert/search, with good information and engaging call to action, offering a free guide or more information, in exchange for their contact details. Each article and page also link to pages with more targeted, relevant information thus providing a sticky and engaging website experience.

Someone Walks into your Clinic or Calls or Emails your Clinic
Your team is trained to engage with and ask the person walking into your clinic what they are looking for, in order to provide targeted information and offer an appointment. In case that individual doesn’t want an appointment then they are trained to recommend they send more targeted information to him/her, such as a particular free guide to the item requested. This way, your staff captures the person’s contact details and enter him/her on the walk-in (or the phone or email) enquiry form, sending them the free guide & putting them in a targeted follow-up sequence.

When someone watches your videos
Your website & Infusionsoft application is setup to track how much (and how many) of the videos your prospective customer has watched. This allows you to send them targeted information based on what they have watched.
E.g. If they watched 3 videos on Same Day Teeth- Dental Implants you send them an option to provide their postal address and receive an implant questions pack in the post (this allows you to send follow-up letters postcards, too). It also alerts your team member in a special way so they don’t forget, and then tells your team member to call the person to see if they would like a consultation.

Step #3: Build relationships & communicate 24/7/365 with your relationship engine

Someone visits a landing page but doesn’t give their contact info
The person visiting the page gets placed on a retargeting list so that banner ads / videos / Facebook ads can be targeted to them and follow them around the internet.

Someone fills out a web form / guide request
The person filling out the web form immediately goes to a targeted thank you page which explains where their free guide is and also offers the opportunity to engage further via a video / survey / further form. This helps the most engaged people take a faster track to engage further with you.

When someone receives an email
The person gets an email from you with their free guide, offering more information but taking them to a dedicated education page so you know what content they are looking at.

When someone clicks your link
You track that they clicked your email & start monitoring them.
You track how recently they engaged with you and add it to their score to track how engaged someone is with you.

When someone clicks lots of links within days
You track each link they clicked & score how engaged they are, and then add it to their score. With an internal monitor that listens for someone to reach a certain score, your staff member can be sent an alert to try and contact this person.

When someone doesn’t click any links
You track how they haven’t clicked anything recently, so you put them on a more spaced out communication frequency if they haven’t engaged with you after the initial sequence. Then if continue not to interact you, try to activate them over time or eventually remove them from your list.

When someone has called you
They call you using a tracking number specifically only shown in your sequences. This call is tracked & audited, and they are then logged as having called you.
Afterwards, the call is tagged in Infusionsoft and a team member associates that call with the account if called from an unlisted number, which shows on their account as a mark of interaction.

When someone hasn’t called you
You track why they haven’t called so you alter communication messaging and/or frequency and add some outbound calls to them from your team if they haven’t engaged after the initial sequence. Then if they continue not to interact with you, you try to activate them over time or eventually remove them from your list.

When someone gives you their address
When someone gives you their address, you send them a printed information pack if they haven’t come to see you yet. If they have gone ahead, you send them a welcome message / gift / pack. Now, in case they have visited your clinic but not gone ahead, you send them some follow-up letters. This is done automatically by either your team, an outsourced fulfillment centre or VA.

When someone gives you their phone number
You then either send them an SMS specific to the stage / actions they took and/or you call them to try and get an appointment scheduled.

Step #4: Convert interest into sales 24/7/365 with your sales engine

When someone requests a consult but doesn’t book
You have their phone number & contact details and you put them in the encourage appt sequence – thus following them with a mixture of calls / emails / SMS with the right messages to encourage them to come in.

When someone books a consult
They have booked a consult, but there is no guarantee that they will attend to it. So, you send an SMS & email reminder about the appointment immediately and a few hours before the appt. You also give explicit directions, map & parking instructions, and offer some incentive as a reward for attending the appt.

When someone books a consult but doesn’t attend
When the appointment time comes & the patient hasn’t come for their appointment, your staff member calls them to see how they are & check if they are OK, always trying to reschedule them. If they can’t reach them, they enter a rescheduling sequence so they can, eventually.


With all those incredible opportunities and excellent tools available to help grow your business hands-off and worry-free, will you still be doing everything by yourself? Start to automate your practice if you want to reach the next level of growth and stop having to do it all yourself.
Contact us and see how you can make it all happen!

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