The hardest thing with dental marketing

Your dental marketing campaign is an ongoing process for your practice, which is why you need to be consistent with it, in order to achieve your objectives. Truth is every practice owner or team members involved in the marketing campaign will definitely have genius-ideas, at some point. The essence of it all is not to allow yourself get too busy to implement those ideas, and most importantly, when implemented, not back down on them. Continual pursuit of those ideas is paramount. Unfortunately, in many cases, we either start and not continue setting those ideas into motion or even abandon them before they got the chance to prove their worth.

How to be Consistent with your Marketing?

First and foremost, your great ideas must be implemented on a regular basis, so you need to make sure proper action is taken towards that direction. Having said that; you may also want to try the following 4 tips:

1. Nominate Person per Tasks
It is significant each member is assigned to a different task and be responsible for it. This is a way to avoid having a single person responsible for practically every aspect of a project, have everyone motivated to do their bits, and encourage others to finish theirs, so it can all happen. So, clearly define who does what, to make things a lot easier.

2. Schedule Team Meetings
Regular meetings with the team involved in the campaigns is critical. They help not only to move on, but also brainstorm, plus they are effective with meeting deadlines and tasks per persons. Usually, when you know the deadline and what you need to complete, you will most likely finish it off before the next meeting takes place.
Note: The success lies in putting deadlines next to the action. That way, action can be taken to meet that deadline.

3. Make your own Planner
Technology offers a great variety of simple tools that can help you outline planners, such as excel or Evernote, among others; you can also use a whiteboard if you prefer. You can use them and have everything in order and, of course, under control, at all times.

4. Keep your Team Motivated
If you want everything to work like a well-oiled machine, you need to keep your team engaged, motivated and content. Bonuses and incentives can certainly help. You can set some goals and offer your team a bonus if they have hit their targets. Who would not want a free gift or more money!

Hire a Professional
You may also hire a marketing company to outsource some of your marketing. At least, you will know that you are paying people for something they can do very well. You just need to check some examples of their work before assigning them with your practice’s marketing campaign. Furthermore, you must be sure the marketing company will be there to advise you in regards what you need to do, and have every action taking place in due time and in a consistent way. For as long as you pay them, you must be certain that the job is done the right way and their services are provided on a reliable and regular basis.

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