How To Transform Your Website Into a Braces Patients’ Magnet

To get more braces visitors to your website you need to focus on 3 areas and transform your website:

1. Your Message.

2. Your Call to Action (CTA).

3. Your Channels.

By having the right message and CTA on the right channels and in volume, you can capture a lot of attention that can be translated into ‘clicks’ to your website.

Let’s break this down and give you the keys you need to use to transform your website into a lead magnet.

       1) Your Message

First of all, determine which of the 5 types of braces patients you are trying to attract:

  1. Children
  2. Teens
  3. Young Adults
  4. Older Professionals
  5. Retired People



These groups of potential patients all have different desires and problems. The key is to make sure your message resonates with them specifically.They need  to feel like the message / advert is just for them.

The fastest growing practices focus on a particular group and then heavily promote their message to that group, given that focused resources always outperform scattered attention.

For example, for children and teens the decision makers are the parents, so to attract them to your practice you need to focus on messaging such as:

– “Concerned about your child’s crooked teeth?”

-“Are your child’s teeth getting crooked? Read what options there are.”

-“Has your teen been denied braces on the NHS? Here’s what to do and how to easily afford it.”

How to Attract Young Adult Patients to your Practice for Orthodontics

For young adults, there are 2 groups:

  1. The ones that didn’t want braces when they were younger but now they do as they are getting married / getting self-conscious in photos and now able to afford it themselves.
  2. The ones that did have braces when they were younger but now their teeth are crooked again as they didn’t have a fixed retainer put in place.

To attract those getting married / getting self-conscious, showing images of them taking selfies or beaming on their wedding day or looking beautiful are all magnetic to this group as they can visualise the outcome they desire. Also using messaging like:

“Want straight teeth for your big day?”

“Fed up of wonky teeth?”

“Snaggletooth spoiling your selfie?”

To attract those that had braces before – it is likely that their teeth are now getting more crooked but they aren’t severe, but they are frustrated as their teeth were perfect before. They would respond well to messaging about their lower teeth being crooked again, and showing images of crooked lower teeth and straight ones afterwards.

Lower teeth can be a big target for them to get fixed. Messaging like:

“Teeth getting crooked again? Learn how to stop this worsening.”

“Crooked lower teeth? Learn how to get straight teeth in 6 months.”

They also have different drivers motivating them to get straight teeth. It could be looking for the best possible smile, wanting straight teeth for a deadline / special event, wanting to have the best possible dental health and being able to clean better, just being very self-conscious of their teeth and just wanting them to be better.



2) Your Call to Action

It’s possible to get their attention using an advert / article with the message that has the message, but then you need to turn that attention into a ‘click’, so that they then click to visit your website.

Good Calls to Action involve giving readers some valuable information straight away so that they feel clearer about what they are getting. Items like:

“Free Guide explains…”

“Learn how…”

“Watch how…”

“See how…”.

All generate interest and, for a motivated person that wants the result you offer, they want to learn more.  In The Straight Teeth Engine Academy, we provide templates and examples of proven messaging you can use straight away to attract more patients.

       3) Your Channels

This is the key part. If no one sees your message and it is not out there in sufficient volume, then no-one is going to learn about how you straighten teeth and why you are the best option for them. Before, people used to spend all their time watching TV, reading newspapers and magazines. Now they spend all their time on social media, email and watching movies online. This means you need to be more visible online to benefit from this increased attention.

To be seen online you need to be on the main 4 places:

Facebook – 1,374,000,000

Youtube    – 1,000,000,000

Google      –    347,000,000

Twitter       –    289,000,000


This means you need to know how to create compelling articles and adverts for Facebook, compelling videos for YouTube, compelling content for Google, and for Twitter…you get the picture. Your business has to create these messages, videos, and articles on a weekly basis.

Notice I said your practice. I didn’t say you. Your practice needs the right systems, structure and team to get these in place fast and regularly. You will need to contribute part of the expert content, but the rest of it should be done through other people.

You can either do it yourself, outsource it to a marketing company or build a virtual team to implement it for you, In the Straight Teeth Engine Academy we show you exactly how to get more of the targeted patients you want to do braces on, to find out about you then ‘click’ through to your website and then want to contact you.

To learn more get your FREE intro training here which shows you the exact system to do more orthodontics and get more free time daily.

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