How to Make More Money from Orthodontics and Have More Free Time (at the Same Time)

That’s it. You created your own clinic for free time, so that you could be free to take holidays whenever you want and see the patients you want in the practice environment you always wanted. That was the plan. The reality is that when you started your practice, you realised you had to pay a certain amount of bills every month. Over time, these overheads trapped you as you started to believe that if you weren’t at the practice, you would lose money.

The key is to be able to spend your time doing only the treatments you enjoy, and generate as much revenue as you can, doing that.




To get more free time you need to have:

  • Significantly more new patients coming to your practice daily.
  • More HIGH-VALUE treatments so that there is enough profit to pay the overheads, your associate(s), and yourself.
  • Satisfied patients, exhilarated with the experience and treatment they have received, willing to stay for aftercare and, of course, spread the news.

Can you have those 3 things happening without you physically being there? Impossible, you may say, and it might as well be….to others, not you. Here is how to can achieve this:



To make it happen you need:

Web Traffic

This means lots of potential new patients see you and learn about you on the internet and want to Give you their email to learn more. You have automated traffic sources such as Google Adwords, Google Display, Facebook, YouTube & Twitter – with as much of them automated and monitored as possible. The manual items are taken care of by your virtual traffic team – which is your team of elite virtual assistants that know how to manage your traffic channels and landing pages.

Email Education

It is paramount to develop a trusting relationship with your patients and educate them through your email content so that they see you as the best place for them and want to call you to learn more about the options you are offering them. This entire procedure can occur automatically, by having pre-built automated follow up email sequences. That way, people giving you their email are kept in contact with and receive engaging information that allow them to see, like, and trust you as the best place to visit. You become the expert they want to contact, and they find the best solution to their issue. Win-win!

Phone Conversion

The phone should be answered in the way that warms up the person and makes them want to come and see you for a consultation. It can only be achieved if your team can handle the call through delivering a great experience that is effective at scheduling. There is a specific way this needs to be done; otherwise all the money you are investing in marketing is wasted.



To do this you need:

A 5* Consultation Experience

Every patient must feel like they are understood, and their unique needs can not only be met, but exceeded by you. This means they need to feel a connection to you and your business plus they can see the speed and quality of the results they would get from you. All that, has to be superior to anything others offer.

A 5* Solutions Presentation

The solutions and packages you offer should provide so much value and feel so desirable that potential patients would feel urged to come and see you. In other words, you need to offer compelling services and deliver a richer solution compared to other practices.

A 5* After Consult Follow up

Your patients receive valuable information and personalised conversations after they visit your clinic in a way that makes them firmly believe their quest for the best place to have their needs met has just ended.

Important Note: If you follow a price-cutting model, you are simply trapping yourself in the business. With lower prices, it is not possible to cover all overheads and also deliver a profit. You need to create an experience that differentiates your practice from all other practices.

Options for Optimal Results: Outsource and Get Thing Done Automatically

To accomplish that, there has to be a systematic and valuable free consultation in place so that when patients visit your practice they see you as being the expert and feel they are offered a remarkable customer experience that they will not get anywhere else. Of course, to have consistent positive results, all of these experiences should be delivered in a repeatable and scalable way, through automated processes and systems run through your team and supported by virtual assistants.

This model provides the predictability through automation, which ensures tasks / reminders are sent out without fail while also allowing flexibility. Manual tasks required can be done through your flexible virtual team (see where you can have highly skilled workers in the Philippines, for example, doing any follow up work / checking necessary to offer a smooth experience at all times. This gives you flexibility and scalability at a low cost.



This could be achieved by having:

A Crystal Clear Result Agreement

Expectations are identified and surpassed, any technical difficulties are identified and clearly explained using 3D consent / models / visualisations, and a plan to address any items that can be foreseen is developed. That way, your patients will always have a straightforward and clear ides of the exact result they are getting.

A WOW Experience

Expectations are beaten, and patients receive an upgraded, unique, and personalised experience that they can’t get elsewhere. This means that how they are made to feel, how they interact with you, and the quality of what is delivered to them exceeds their expectations by far.

A Referral Program

Patients are engaged, care for your practice, and want to refer their friends to see you, especially when they also know they will get more rewards and benefits themselves.

To get all of these items in place you need to have the right systems, processes and team members. Now imagine you could get this done through automated processes and have things happening automatically, as well as virtual team members from the world’s greatest pool of talents that worked for you flexibly and remotely to ensure the patient had a 5* experience.



What does this mean to you? That your business could grow and thrive without you having to be physically there all the time, leaving you with much free time.

In the Straight Teeth Engine Academy, we show you exactly how to create these systems and become the successful entrepreneur you have always dreamed of, without sacrificing valuable time from your personal life. Get your free intro training HERE

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