How to Build your Orthodontic Practice and Dominate using the Internet

To consistently grab the interest of your target market, you will need to use what’s called a marketing funnel. A marketing funnel is an automated engine that works for you around the clock to attract customers and builds your orthodontic practice. As you create content, that content is used online and offline to get your potential patient’s attention. The idea is that by providing your targets with enough useful information, strategies, tips and relationship-building opportunities, your practice goes from being seen in their eyes as a helpful marketer to being seen as the most trusted name in your dentistry. And you’re going to do all of this right online.


Use the internet and:

1. Segment your traffic

Remember you have to zero in on who you want to treat. The way you do that is by identifying the different segments of your market and creating content and programs that are just for them. Again, not the easiest thing in the world, but the more you are able to segment your traffic, the more effective your marketing efforts will be.

2. Build your List of Potential Patients & Run Automated Marketing Campaigns

Fortunately for dentists, creating targeted content, segmenting your traffic, and running automated marketing campaigns is the best way to build a list of well-qualified potential patients. I know from experience that receiving those weekly notifications of new leads is encouraging, especially when you create your first few marketing campaigns. When those leads come in, you already know that every new person on your list is a potential braces patient, not a hygiene patient or someone interested in bleaching. These are people who may come in to start braces this year!

Now, you should think of each different segment of your target audience as a separate list of customers who will experience their own special marketing campaign. So mothers get a special mother’s-only campaign. Brides-to-be are showered with information about getting things done quickly, etc. What’s important here is NEVER to mix your lists.


Why not?

Whenever a potential patient grants you the privilege of access, you should honour that relationship well enough to keep him or her engaged with the types of content that you know motivates the potential patient. Avoid luring potential patients into your funnel with specialty content then getting lazy about it and lumping them all together later on.

3. Build relationships

Once you have a potential patient in your marketing funnel, focus on engagement. But be aware:

Don’t go right to the sell.

The online relationships you develop with your future patients are delicate. Take the time to prove you are valuable. It takes some doing to build a brand, and it takes time for that brand to become trustworthy. People typically won’t leave their health in the hands of a practice they don’t trust. Remember, your dental practice cannot survive without strong relationships. And, strong relationships are based on trust.

Help your patients understand the different procedures. Show them the difference between tradition metal braces and lingual braces or Invisalign. For example show them video’s, tell them stories…


Later on, as your relationship matures a bit more and you see that your potential patient has opened your emails or asked questions in an online forum your team manages, you can start adding a personal element to the relationship. There is plenty of ground you can cover BEFORE asking for the sale. Each time you share your insights and demonstrate your value, you show yourself trustworthy and prove that your practice is a place patients can come to get their issues resolved.

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