How to Become the Dominant Practice & Attract More High-Value Patients

Undoubtedly, if you want to stand out in a market brimming with qualified dentists and orthodontists, you have to separate yourself from the crowd, attract more high-value patients  and find a way to have more free time at the same time. Possible? Totally, and here’s how:


Specialise & Build Strong Relationships with Patients

Brand positioning is very critical to your overall professional brand, as it is the way in which you present your practice to the world. For instance, a children’s dentist may promote the fact that her practice is a safe and comfortable environment designed specifically for young children. Her staff members are patient, and there is a spot in the examination area for parents to sit so a child can be comforted by being able to see his or her parents. Specialising helps your target audience to understand the one area of dentistry where you will display exceptional performance. People want that. When it’s time for them to sit down in a dentist chair, they want the comfort of knowing that whatever happens – pain-free or not – they are under the care of the best dental professional in town.


Professionals have a tendency to think that you reach the majority of the target audience by advertising your services to everyone. In marketing, the opposite is true. Your goal is NEVER to reach the most people. Your goal is to attract only your ideal braces patients. What you want to do is formulate your message so that your name, clinic, website, and content, propel you to emerge as the most knowledgeable, most qualified, most authoritative expert in your region and on the web. You cannot do that by claiming to be an expert at general dentistry. “General dentistry” to most people means cleanings, fillings and x-rays. Besides, if your braces patients had to choose between an expert and a generalist, they would go with the expert. Wouldn’t you?


Double-Check for Consistency to Gradually Transform your Practice
This one is important. It’s hard to find consistency anywhere these days. When I use the term consistency, I am specifically referring to your willingness to completely conform to the application and implementation of your marketing system. Nothing else really matters if you are not willing to stick to this marketing system for at least 12 months. You can’t have a shortsighted ethos and commit yourself to long-term strategies.

  • Are you creating the content you need to target multiple segments of your potential patient pool?
  • Are you creating enough content frequently enough?
  • Are you making sure your team follows up with any new leads?
  • Is your practice – the environment, the team, the technology, the expertise – consistent with the image your project?
  • Can you accomplish what your ads say you can accomplish?
  • Do you have a plan in place that covers your marketing TO DOs for one full calendar year?
  • Are you investing a sufficient amount of resources like time, attention and money to ensure your marketing strategy works?


Get Help and Gain more Freedom

It would take years for someone to create, implement, and test these strategies on his own. I know because it took me five years of consistently working at this to get everything all figured out. Even with a virtual team in place, they will still look to you for direction, guidance and, of course, expertise. If you don’t have it to impart, you may be signing yourself up to spend countless hours searching online for information that will help you connect the dots.

Creating marketing collateral is one thing. Coming up with a marketing system that works is another. Now consider the fact that after you do all of the hard work to create the system, you will need to go back and teach your team how to implement it when you may still be learning it yourself.


Enrolling in The Straight Teeth Engine Academy, a training programme specifically designed for dental professionals to help them navigate this ins and outs of managing this marketing system, will give you the necessary boost to stand out.

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