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This is us at I Love Straight Teeth in 2013

There is a revolution taking place. The media shows beautiful smiles everywhere, and more people want a nicer smile. Public opinion has also driven demand in less invasive treatments so veneer makeovers are not as desirable as they used to be and technological improvements have made orthodontic treatments more accessible to be provided by GDPs. Learn how to transform smiles.

Our own research & experience uncovered a significant demand for a straighter smile from people that wanted it but that didn’t want to have 2 years of treatment. These people were not currently searching for a solution they didn’t realise there was a solution.




As our culture becomes more about total health, looking and feeling good, we then understood more about the reasons for them wanting a straighter smile and how it would make them feel.



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But it is one thing wanting something, it is important to be affordable in order to be accessible, so we asked how much would be affordable for most people.
With payment plans we understood the monthly amount of disposable income most people would feel comfortable with.





By putting all these elements in place we then found we got too many enquiries from all over the country & worldwide from people that we couldn’t help (this is just in the last month). So we wanted to help dentists see these people in their own areas.
So then we started researching and talking to dentists.



We surveyed dentists to find out orthodontic treatments they currently offered. Most of them were able to provide the right treatments that people wanted so we understood there was availability.



We also found there wasn’t much competition in most people’s local areas. This shows that there is a huge unmet demand in most people’s local areas of people that would want straight teeth but don’t know there is a solution for them. Many people that want straight teeth, and many dentists that want to help them, but a disconnect between them.



We understood that the average practice wasn’t starting many braces a month
So this showed a lot of opportunities for dentists to communicate more effectively with their target audience.

This led us to create a complete training system to help dentists & orthodontists worldwide attract more people that want straight teeth.

This is the world’s first course of this kind and the only total system available. This is the Straight Teeth Engine Academy and it runs every month.

Register for the next intake or get your FREE intro training here.

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