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How To Build a High Growth Orthodontic Practice Without Doing It All Yourself

DATE 16 FEB 2016
TIME 6.30pm - 9pm
VENUE Eight Members Club, 1 Dysart St, Moorgate, London

In this live event we will reveal:

  • How to transition from being employed as a dentist in your practice to running a high performing practice working less days as a clinician and only doing the treatments you love.
  • How to attract more targeted prospective patients to your website and convert them into braces patients using the power of lifecycle marketing and automation.
  • How to use automation to improve your patient’s journey and experience
  • How to get your team to run the practice smoothly & systematically using automation
  • How to use Virtual Assistants to get more done cost-effectively, increase number of referrals & improve patient retention

How To Build A High Growth Orthodontic Practice

DATE 5 OCT 2015
TIME 7pm - 9pm
VENUE Eight Members Club, 1 Dysart St, Moorgate, London

In this live event Dr Aalok Y Shukla will reveal:

√ How to attract more people that want straight teeth to your website.
√ How to skyrocket the number of braces enquiries you get daily.
√ How to make your marketing work so you can start all the braces you desire.
√ How to start 17 braces in one day.
√ The 4 components of a high growth orthodontic practice.


DATE 19 sep 2015
TIME 9am - 7pm
VENUE St. James Court, A Taj Hotel, London

DominateCon is the UK’s first go-to event for progressive entrepreneurs and fast-growing SMEs that want to scale faster.

This year the conference will cover the 2 main multipliers that can power small business growth: automation & outsourcing.

The conference is ideal for both brick-and-mortar business owners and digital businesses that are already performing well, but want to elevate their firm to the next level with faster growth and expansion.

Delegates will be able to meet with other progressive and like-minded entrepreneurs, as well as hearing distinguished speakers from a multitude of industries, sharing experiences and actionable tips that can help businesses build their way to market domination.