The 4 Components of a High Growth Orthodontic Practice

High Growth


Lets look at the four components of a high growth orthodontic practice. What do you need to put in place to multiply the number of braces your start monthly systematically.high-growth

1#: Attract Traffic

We need to attract traffic. This is how you get people who are interested in having their teeth straightened to visit your website.

2#:  Building a list & Relationship

The second part is building a list and a relationship. This means getting those people who came to your website to give you their contact details and for you to start building a relationship. It’s not enough to get just their contact details. They also have to know, like and trust you and there needs to be a way that you can do that.

3#: Convert Sales               

The next thing you need to do is to build the know, like, and trust sufficiently that your contacts think, okay, I actually want to see you for a consultation.

Then your contacts come and see you for a consultation. You have a very efficient and nice patient experience to offer. They are followed up in the correct way, so enough of them want to say,

“Yes. Let’s get braces.”

4#: Deliver the Wow Experience

You need to have the systems and processes in place for that to happen, and, furthermore, so that can happen even if you’re away from the practice. You want to make sure that every single patient gets a ‘wow’ experience, and they feel special.

You can systematically do things. For example, in the first week when people would have braces fitted, what we often do is send out some Angel Delight and a note saying,

“Hi. Hope you’re finding it fine with your new braces. We know it can be a bit difficult to eat at first, so here’s some Angel Delight which we always enjoyed when we were kids. Hope it makes your first week a bit better.”

How much does an Angel Delight cost? A pound. It’s nothing, but the whole idea is you are creating personal touch points, these small experiences. You’re showing your patients that you care. This creates goodwill, the kind of good will that results in more and more referrals. There’s more to it than this, but we are emphasising the point. You can create and design the experience you want every patient to go through, and then you can put the systems in place to make sure that every single patient receives the same great experience.

How to build the complete system?

There are twelve modules, making up the full component of the Straight Teeth Engine Academy. The first part is the practice growth engine which aligns your practice in all of the values, the goals and the targets with what you’re trying to do. We will go through some groups and how you can target them. The second part is the team alignment engine. We’re talking about turning your practice from something that’s driven by you into something that’s pulled and driven by the practice’s team members so that they understand seeing more patients is actually in their best interest too;  they’re excited about it because they earn more. It’s all about creating smart, trackable incentive schemes which help power growth.

  • Optimise your internal environment.

high-growthYou then have your internal engine. This is how to optimise your internal environment in your practice so that as many conversations about teeth straightening happen in the best possible way, and that all your customers, and your patients, present and past, know about what you offer in the right way. This is important because it’s about making the journey as seamless as possible.

  • Dominate your local area.

high-growthThen we’ve got the off-line local engine. This is where we need to make sure, in our local area, as many people know what we can do and what we offer, so they are interested in learning more about teeth straightening. More and more people are advertising online, but fewer people are advertising off-line. Consequently, off-line, the mailbox, is less cluttered. Flyers, for example, and we give exact templates of flyers we have used inside, which will generate. You spend £3,000 on the fliers, and you get another £15,000 back. These patients spend a lot more than other patients because you’ve found patients who weren’t looking for you. We will talk more about that.

  • Become an expert online.

high-growthThe next thing is obviously dominating online. Locally, you want to be seen as the expert in your niche, and again, with teeth straightening. There’s many subgroups, and I’ll cover that for you here. You could pick your group. Don’t get confused or overwhelmed that everybody offers this or that, or everybody is Six Months Smiles or Invisalign. You’ve got your way;  a way you can target.

  • Stand out from the crowd.

high-growthWe also talked about how to build an education engine so that you are educating people about why they should come and see you. What makes your place different? This is important. Everybody uses generic materials. You want to make sure you stand out. You develop that further into relationships so that people know, like, and trust you more. They interact with you more. They really see the value and the benefit of what you have to offer. That makes them want to call you. This is where it’s critical.

  • Master phone handling

high-growthYou have to have phone calls answered in a very particular way. Full training is given. If marketing driven phone calls are not handled in the right way, your team members might think, these people are time wasters, they’re not interested in buying right now. You have to target potential patients earlier on in the decision-making cycle, whilst they’re just thinking about having their teeth straightened. They may not be ready immediately, but they will be ready if they’re followed up in the correct way. If your team knows how to handle the phone, they could make sure they schedule as many consultations as possible.

  • Give the best consultations.

high-growthThe expert influence engine is about how to make consultations in fifteen minutes in a very systematic way, so you position yourself as the expert. You also make sure you address and give excellent value to every patient that comes in. Ultimately, they see your place as the best place to get their teeth straightened. The brace sale starter engine is talking about how people are followed up after their consultation to make sure they are as likely as possible to go ahead.

  • Up Selling Solutions.

high-growthThe up solutions engine is where we talk to you about what else could help you deliver a beautiful smile. People don’t come because they want braces, they come because they want a beautiful smile. By offering other options, such as artificial enamel or teeth whitening, it means that you are able to do two things; help them to have an even better smile than they would have otherwise, but also maximise revenue per braces patient.

  • Become a referral machine

high-growthThe other aspect is, once you’ve seen people, quite often they might visit their general practitioner.  They come to you to get their teeth straightened and are seen for their dental care elsewhere. All these people, who are really happy with what you have to offer and really happy with what you do, can still refer to you. If they saw incentives and reasons to refer to you, they would do so. It’s important to make sure you can leverage good will. We’ve got the systems and processes that we will go through to cover this.

If you want to put everything in place in your practice and skyrocket the number of braces you start every month but your not quite sure please post a comment below we will answer your questions. 

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