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Our mission is to help dentists work less and live more

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Hi! I’m Aalok and I’m passionate about helping dentists create practices that allow them to work less and live more.

My specialty is using automation & outsourcing to create processes that allow dentists to focus on high value procedures so that they can do more fulfilling & valuable work whilst working less days.

All the systems and processes were developed and tested in my own marketing laboratory, my London based private dental practice where I focused on orthodontics and then freed up my time to launch other businesses. With my wife and business partner Lucie Marchelot Shukla I Co-founded Click Convert Sell Ltd and Elite Virtual Team and national conference DominateCon.

My mission is to help small business owners and dentists grow their revenue and work less days in their practice.

I wrote the book The Orthodontic Blueprint to show the framework dentists and orthodontists need to build a high growth practice and work fewer days.

I am passionate about creating digital work opportunities for talented people globally and I have a particular interest in impact sourcing and using the internet to provide education and opportunities to those that would otherwise not get them.

I hope you enjoy visiting this site and if there is anything you would like to discuss please share comments or get in touch at hello (at) the3daypractice (dot) com

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