7 Online Tools To Get More Braces Patients To Your Website

7 Online Tools to get More Braces Patients to your Website

In today’s digital world of constantly connected people, your online profile is one of the most important elements of your private practice and the growth of your business.   Once people know who you are and begin to relate to your specific area of expertise, you will be well on your way to becoming the go-to person in your area or niche.  Not only do you need the best content but unique content, if you are to generate a high volume of patients to your dental practice website. Marketing is vital to your practice. In the long run, if you are to succeed, you will need more than just a steady customer base and a good reputation.  You need a strong and viable online presence to attract high value patients.


Braces Patients

In the Straight Teeth Engine Academy, we show you how to create your online presence using these 7 tools. The online tools in the blue boxes illustrated above, are what you need to invest time and money in.  With these tools in place, you can easily keep potential patients engaged and  connected right up to coming in for a free consult and then onto referring patients to you  ( as shown in the purple & green boxes above). If you follow this plan you can recover between 5 and 15 braces a month.

Have you considered how much you are missing out on by not paying attention to your online marketing?

Lets look in more detail at the 7 online tools:

1# Blogs

Everybody has a blog on their website, but it’s not always focused. You need to be focused on particular groups of people. For example, if you’re trying to concentrate on lingual braces, you want to have as much content about lingual braces as possible, because you can then dominate for that in your area. If your blogs are structured and set up in the right way, it’s not only going to help you rank organically, but it’s also going to make you more effective in your paid traffic because you can promote those blog posts as well.

2# Emails                               

You need to have an email warm up sequence. This is a systematic sequence. The best type is actually the dynamic way. It responds according to how the readers respond. Readers can understand more about what you have to offer and it really helps them build a relationship. They know, like, and trust you.

3# Facebook

You want to have Facebook posts and ads because this is how you can get in front of people that aren’t looking for you, so that they hear about you and they become really interested. You want to have press releases so that you can engage the media, newspapers and magazines, so that you can rank online, because press releases rank online. If you do a press release for a straight teeth open day in, for example, Leicester, that would rank if you’re just typing in straight teeth open-day in Leicester. These things combine to help.

4# Youtube

YouTube promotional content. For example, the interruption offers at the beginning of YouTube videos. If the offer is less than nineteen seconds or so, the video is watched, and it’s free. You don’t actually get charged for it. That is a massive opportunity. Imagine that you have an advert just before some of the videos playing, saying,

“Always wanted straight teeth? Thought you couldn’t get straight teeth without extractions? Learn more here,” for example, and that could point to a different page. Here’s one thing. In the United States, there’s a car insurance company called GEICO. They are really clever. They do some brilliant adverts which say,

“Trying to keep the advert? Too late, you missed it, GEICO.”  It’s about having an intelligent, targeted piece of content in the right places, so more and more people hear about you.

5# Twitter                         

Twitter post and advertisement. Did you know that on Twitter you can target the followers of other places? Imagine teeth whitening, for example. There are many beauty salons that offer teeth whitening. I’m not going to get into the do’s and dont’s, or the good and bad, of this. Obviously, you should be GDC registered, but things happen. People are doing such things. You can look at situations and say,

“Okay. Most of these people have very big social media followings because they’ve built their network through word of mouth,”  and you can actually target all of their followers.

Imagine you have somebody who’s running a beauty salon that’s got loads of people that have teeth whitened or beauty treatments. These people are interested in looking better. They’ve proven they spend money on looking better. Therefore, if you targeted the followers of these people, which you can do with Twitter adverts, about learning more about getting their teeth straightened, you are more likely to be able to attract the interest of people that could become potential patients. It is really interesting, and powerful, what is possible these days.

6# Google Ad’s                                

The next thing is Google Ad’s and making sure you’re in pay-per-click ads and banner adverts. On Facebook, you often can’t use certain types of images. They don’t like what they call ‘idealised’ images, so you can’t refer to somebody’s body part. Teeth are a body part, so you can’t say,

“Have a missing tooth?” or anything like this. However, although you can’t use such images, you can use before and after images in the Google Display Network. There’s no real limit on these sorts of things. What this means is that you’re able to get your message out in different places. If you throw in retargeting, it gets even more powerful.

Essentially, all of this is generating interest for you; it’s generating awareness on a daily basis. That’s all pointing to a landing page. Imagine, you have blog content about,

“How to get straight teeth in time for you wedding.” You have a Facebook post and a press release. We are talking to people interested in getting straight teeth by a deadline. The key is the deadline. Therefore, you could point to a page which is about,

“Want to get straight teeth, but time limited or straight teeth by a deadline? Find out more,”


“How many days until your wedding, or how many days to a special event?”Six months, you could do this, three months you could do that or nine months you could do this. You have all of these things.

7# Landing Pages

Because you’ve targeted these people and they’re interested in straight teeth by a deadline, you can have a good landing page which targets them specifically. You could do the same with children, or with adults who want braces behind their teeth. Again, it is about a targeted message, and it’s targeting them there. They then type in their email that arrives directly on a thank you page. You want to make sure that’s a really good thank you page because people have never been more interested in what you have to offer until the second after they opt in. You want to make sure you have the interactive online education which leads to a phone call where they build a relationship with your practice.

The phone call and email help relationship building and bonding. This may take place over six months, three months, one week, or one year. It depends.  After all, many adults of maybe thirty-two years old, or forty years old, have been thinking for fifteen years. Wasting another year is no big deal to them. The question is when is it right in their life. They may suddenly have an event, or they may think, okay, now is right time for me. If you’ve been in contact with them and they like you, they’ll come and see you.

That pushes to your consultation which is done in the right systematic way, and is then followed up in the right way, leading to a brilliant experience, as we talked about. With these small micro touches, the patient feels really good and positive, which leads to upsell, to up solutions that you can offer, such as whitening or bonding, and on to referrals. Often, you don’t want to wait until the very end to ask for referrals. Patients are most enthusiastic about their service the minute that they started with you.

What tools and strategies have worked for you to get more braces patients to your website? Please share your top 1 success in the comment box below.

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