The 2 Reasons why most Dental Practices have a slow Growth Rate



Reason #1: Most Dental Practices Have ‘Leaky’ Processes

There’s waste. There are people visiting your dental website and not going further. There are missed calls. There are people who came for a consultation but then didn’t get followed up. All of these scenarios are wasteful. All these ‘leaky’ processes mean you cannot scale in a repeatable way, so you cannot multiply your £3,000 investment to £15,000.


Reason #2: Most Dental Practices Have No Tracking In Place

If you’re not tracking, what’s happening is you’re not able to control the process. If you can’t influence the future, you’re not in control. If you’re not able to say,

“Okay. By tracking, by putting the money in here, I can see that this is happening at this point, and then it comes to this, and we can improve it,” then you’re in trouble. Let’s take a little look.

Dental Sales Flow Infographic

Most people have a situation whereby they have leaks. They’ve got people coming to their website, to the left-hand side, but they may be bouncing off the website and not going any further. There can be some inquiries which you missed and the resulting missed consultations. There are blocks, staff get overwhelmed, and all these things happen. We want to make sure that we’re able to deal with this in the correct way. We want to make sure that we don’t have inconsistent deal flow. Our investment machine is on the left-hand side, where we’re investing in traffic and more people to come to our website and then we want to get more profit at the bottom right-hand side.

Dental Single Flow Sales Syndrome Infographic

The problem with this, in most practices, is you have inconsistent deal flow, so the people get blocked, things are forgotten, they’re not followed up in a consistent way.  It’s not a consistent, dependable experience, and ultimately, you don’t get the profit. This means that you have feast or famine. Some months can be brilliant, other months can be terrible. This is not a good place to be, and this is not a place which gives you confidence in the future.

Multiplier Flow Framework.

Dental Multiplier Flow Framework Infographic

The other way of doing it is to create what we call the Multiplier Flow Framework. This is where you’re able to have the leaks sealed. You’re able to make sure that you can push more traffic, which will become more leads, which will become more inquiries and more consultations. You’re able to get more deals coming through, and more prospects are not lost. You have consistency, and you have ever increasing numbers of patients coming through your system. This is what we want to do, because this is an investment machine. We’ll go through this in more detail.

Transform your practice.

The whole point is to transform your practice into a repeatable system that multiplies investment by creating a multiplier framework so that you can invest one brace on the left-hand side into marketing, and get five braces back in revenue. Focus on that. It’s about investing and building a system so that you can invest at one end and get more out the other end, month after month, year after year.

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